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"Offering fantastic functionality at the same time as superb quality. Create a space to relax during the summer months, by making your garden an extension of your home, creating a sheltered outdoor space."

Syncras create the perfect outdoor space, protected from the sun.

"No need for supporting walls."

Syncras offer an outdoor area protected from the sun, which can be used for both domestic and commercial uses. We can help you with a large selection of different awning designs and models so to help you find the perfect Syncra awning for you, with a range of slim and modern styles. Designed to last, Syncras have the option to be accessorised for your personal requirements, including with lighting solutions.

Using adjustable arms that can fold, Syncras allow you to extend and lessen the size of the awning cover to suit the current weather conditions and needs you may have. Also with a Syncra there is no need for a wall which other awnings need, so you can place the awning wherever you wish.

Conservatory awnings Cornwall
Extend your current living space outdoors with a pergola awning, with a range of stylish designs.
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Garden awnings Cornwall
Add an entirely new living area separate from your current indoor living area wherever you want.
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