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Exterior Roller Blinds
Window awnings Cornwall Maximum Flexibility
Cornwall window awnings Wind Protection
Domestic window awnings Cornwall Innovative Technology
Window awnings Cornwall Strong & Durable
Domestic window awnings Cornwall Internal Shade, External Views
Cornwall windows awnings UV Protection

"Pleasant shade, without comprise on light and air."

Exterior roller blinds combine vertical and drop arm awnings, creating precise solar protection for homes and businesses.

"Maximum flexibility and wind protection."

The exterior roller blind offers a high quality folding arm mechanism, with gas pistons for fantastic protection again wind and rain. Exterior roller blinds provide light and shade, allowing less heat to pass, creating an ideal temperature in the room whether you are at work or at home.

With the advantage of drop arm technology you are able to gain shade without losing the ability to see out of your window. You are also able to adjust the angle of the blind, allowing maximum efficiency when it comes to shade.

Our awnings come in a wide range of colours, and are made using an innovative new fabric sunsilk, which incorporates UV protectors, protecting both the fabric and yourself from harmful rays.

So if you are looking for a window awning in Cornwall why not contact us today to find out more.


Window awnings Cornwall
Vertical Awnings
Offering incredible durability from the elements, vertical awnings protect you from the heat and protects you from UV.
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Cornwall domestic windo awnings
Drop Arm Awnings
Drop-arm awnings allow you to keep your room in shade while still being able to enjoy the view outside.
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Window awnings Cornwall
Exterior Rollers
Incorporating both vertical and drop arm awnings, exterior rollers protect you from the sun & allow you to view outside.
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Cornwall window awnings
Sail Shades
Sail shades are perfect for different shaped windows where a conventional window awning would not work.
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