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Window Awnings
Window awnings Cornwall Solar protection
Window awnings Cornwall Eye catcher
Cornwall window awnings Strong & durable
Domestic window awnings Cornwall Internal & external
Domestic window awnings Cornwall Offer light & shade
Cornwall windows awnings Commercial & domestic


"Keeping your indoor space cool and helping to keep you protected from the
UV light from solar rays.

Window awnings provide solar protection and look great. They could be used commercially. Think about it, your brand or logo on a window awning that could be hung from your offices or for use at home or UV protection and also the face they look great.

"Make the design individual to you."

Window awnings are perfect for giving shade to the inside of your property, without losing the view out of your window, with options such as drop arm awnings. Perfect for south facing windows, window awnings can help to keep the sun out of your eyes, and are just the thing if you are working in an office environment with computers and you want to keep the sun off the computer monitors.

With window awnings available for both homes and businesses we can help keep your property cool during the summer months, so you feel comfortable. We can also help offer a range of different designs so to make it individual to you, allowing you to make sure the colours fit with your property.

So if you are looking for a window awning in Cornwall why not contact us today to find out more?



Window awnings Cornwall
Vertical Awnings
Offering incredible durability from the elements, vertical awnings protect you from the heat and protects you from UV.
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Cornwall domestic windo awnings
Drop Arm Awnings
Drop-arm awnings allow you to keep your room in shade while still being able to enjoy the view outside.
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Window awnings Cornwall
Exterior Rollers
Incorporating both vertical and drop arm awnings, exterior rollers protect you from the sun & allow you to view outside.
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Cornwall window awnings
Sail Shades
Sail shades are perfect for different shaped windows where a conventional window awning would not work.
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