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"We are committed to helping our customers find a practical yet stylish
awning for their home or business

Balcony and patio awnings are the most sort after type of awnings due to their convenience and style.

Convenient, stylish and versatile awnings

When considering adding an awning to your home or business it is important to know you can make it truly make it your own. You can make sure the awning is coloured to fit in perfectly with your home and garden furniture. Awnings are an ideal opportunity to add that bit of extra colour to your garden or property, which will last all the year round.

We can help you find an awning that offers you a great level of solar protection, while at the same time not restricting your sense of style; with a range of different colours and patterns available on a range of different type of awnings, including for side screens, cassette awnings and semi-cassette awnings, we know we can find something for you.

Here at SWGD we are committed to helping our customers find not only the perfect design, but also finding the most innovative product that can meet the range of different requirements you may have, including built-in speakers so you can plug in your music player and enjoy your music outside.



Patio awnings Cornwall
Cassette Awnings
Balcony and patio awnings are the most sort after type of awnings due to their convenience and style.
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Patio garden awnings Cornwall
Open Awnings
An open awning offers the incredible practicality of a patio awning, with an even more affordable price tag.
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Patio awnings Cornwall
Semi - Cassette
Providing an open design, semi-cassette offers amazing protection from the sun, when all round protection is not needed.
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Patio awnings Cornwall
Side Screens
Side screens give additional protection from the sun and can be drawn back to the wall to take minimal space.
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