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Semi-Cassette Awnings
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"Innovative materials using a new UV blocker which thoroughly protects both the fabric and the fibres from sun related damage, creating a long lasting product..."

Semi-cassette awnings are a fantastic solution for homes which do not require the all round protection of a cassette. The cassette is open underneath, and will make your favourite outdoor space rainproof.

"Make your outdoor space rainproof."

With integrated, swivelling halogen spotlights available on some models, the semi-cassette awning is a fantastic option if you are looking to prolong those summer nights, and make the most of your outdoor living space.

Smart details are designed to give this awning stylish finishing touches like end caps in different colours, which you can coordinate with modern colour and material combinations- available for all semi-cassette models.

The long arms and taut cover allow for maximum extension of up to four metres and an all weather wearing awning with a kink trick which allows for better rainwater drainage is available on some semi-cassette models.

All semi-cassette awnings are available in a range of fabrics made from an innovative sunsilk material, developed with a new UV blocker which protects both the fabric and the fibres from bleaching and sun related fabric destruction.



Patio awnings Cornwall
Cassette Awnings
Cassette awnings give you all round protection and weather durable, meaning no maintenance is required.
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An open awning offers the incredible practicality of a patio awning, with an even more affordable price tag.
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Patio awnings Cornwall
Patio Awnings
Balcony and patio awnings are the most sort after type of awnings due to their convenience and style.
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Patio awnings Cornwall
Side Screens
Side screens give additional protection from the sun and can be drawn back to the wall to take minimal space.
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