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Open Awnings
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"Combining style and functionality to bring you a low maintenance open style awning..."


Open awnings merge a current, colourful and low maintenance generation of fabrics, alongside high quality materials which offer outstanding protection all year round.

"Functional designs, enhancing privacy."

All open awnings are available in a range of fabrics made from an innovative sunsilk material, developed with a new UV blocker which protects both the fabric and the fibres from bleaching and sun related fabric destruction.

The open awnings can be designed in any colour or design, to truly suit your home or business. Awnings are an ideal opportunity to add that bit of extra colour to your garden or property, which will last all the year round.

Open awnings are a fantastic option for solar protection, without compromise on style. With the use of long lasting innovative materials, we can offer open awnings which not only enhance privacy, but provide a low maintenance option providing a perfect combination of style and function.



Patio awnings Cornwall
Cassette Awnings
Cassette awnings give you all round protection and weather durable, meaning no maintenance is required.
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Patio garden awnings Cornwall
Patio Awnings
Balcony and patio awnings are the most sort after type of awnings due to their convenience and style.
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Patio awnings Cornwall
Semi - Cassette
Providing an open design, semi-cassette offers amazing protection from the sun, when all round protection is not needed.
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Patio awnings Cornwall
Side Screens
Side screens give additional protection from the sun and can be drawn back to the wall to take minimal space.
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