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Conservatory Awnings Cornwall
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Awnings supplied throughout Cornwall

Patio awnings Cornwall
Balcony & Patio
Create an extended living space for your home or business with a balcony or patio awning, with maximum protection.
Patio awnings Cornwall
Add an awning to your conservatory to help keep cool in the summer, and warm in the winter months.
Patio awnings Cornwall
Protect the inside of your property from the sun to keep your rooms in the shade with a range of different styles.
Patio awnings Cornwall
For Open Spaces
Flexible and free-standing awnings to create an additional space outside with protection from the sun.


Conservatory awnings Cornwall Balcony & Patio Awnings
Conservatory awnings Cornwall Conservatory Awnings
Window awnings Cornwall Window Awnings
Cornwall conservatory awnings Awnings for Open Spaces

"We are committed to helping our customers find practical, stylish
awnings for their home or business

SWGD Awnings are stunning, versatile, durable and most of all, they do what they are supposed to. Keep you protected by sun and UV, whilst looking good and working as you want them too.

"We have a wide variety of awnings... there is
no need to go anywhere else. "

Whatever type of awning you may be looking for we can help find a perfect solutions for your requirements.

Our range of awnings includes window awnings, which will help keep your indoor space cool during the summer months and keep the light out of your eyes all year round. In addition to our window awnings that we supply we can provide you with conservatory awnings, which can keep your conservatory cool during the hot days of the year.

We can also offer you balcony and patio awnings so you can extend your current indoor space outside, while keeping protected from the sun and the rain. We also supply open space awnings that can help create a separate area outdoors where you can relax while keeping cool in the shade.

So if you are looking for awnings in Cornwall we are here to help.